Shadia Headshot.jpg

"It is with great pleasure that I announce my candidacy for City Court Judge"

Shadia Tadros is a first generation Syracusan and child of Arab immigrants. She grew up on the City’s South Side, graduated from Corcoran High School, and is a Penn State trained attorney. 

Shadia began her legal career in the NYC area and returned home soon after to open her own practice. Since being admitted to the bar in 2007, she has practiced law in dozens of courtrooms throughout New York State and has appeared in front of countless judges. She has represented clients in state and federal hearings, civil and criminal courts, administrative boards and venues everywhere in between. These experiences have given Shadia a deep knowledge of the courtroom and its procedures. 

Through her practice and volunteer work, Shadia has had the opportunity to work together with local private attorneys, government agency employees, church and mosque leaders as well as local business to defend and promote equal access to the justice system. She volunteers with various volunteer lawyer projects and has strong ties to the community. As a result, she has helped countless people who would otherwise not have had access to meaningful legal assistance.

In addition to her background and legal expertise, Shadia holds a Master’s in Public Administration with a focus in Government. Her professional objective is always to use her legal advocacy together with her academic and diverse background to positively enhance the lives and livelihoods of our community members. This perspective on the intersection between the community and government provides a refreshing dynamic to a deeply rooted institution. 

Where some hear “Syracuse bids you welcome” as just a greeting, Shadia hears it as an honest invitation to all; her mission has always been to not only preserve but expand upon inclusion to every citizen of Syracuse. Although the law can mandate equal protections, equal and fair justice must be administered at a human level with respect and competence. Shadia's qualifications, rich legal experience, and compassionate perspective give her the tools to be an impartial and effective City Court Judge for the City of Syracuse.